I am currently offering in-person  Reiki treatments Monday-Friday between 9-3:00. There is an additional $25 fee for any appointments outside of those time frames. Distance healing is available for scheduling 7 days a week between 9:00 am -8:00 pm.

A spiritual healing and relaxation technique using Divinely guided energy.

Our life force energy (called Ki or Ch’i) is responsive to thought, feelings and actions. It can create both positive and negative results depending on the thoughts or intentions directing it. If negative Ki is created (blockages), then it will surround the organs of the body as well as the energy field around us (holistically referred to as the Aura, scientifically as the Electro Magnetic Field- EMF). This negative Ki will limit the healthy activities of the body as well as affect the Auric field where our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies exist. If the flow of Ki is healthy and positive, then it results in life balance and wellness.

The healing takes place when positive Ki, which is generated by a Divine source and channeled through a practitioner, is sent into the Auric field and body. The positive Ki is guided to the areas where the negative energy is and the combination of healing properties, intention and love, result in the releasing or dissipation of the blockages. Reiki, like all healing, is a process. This technique combined with your willingness and commitment to positive life changes, will result in a healthy and natural flow of life force energy. Changes will occur in Divine order and on the level affected whether it be Body, Mind, Emotion or Spirit.

An example of how it works: A client comes for treatment with neck and shoulder pain complaints. Initially, the healing energies do not work on the physical body but that of the emotional body, located in the Auric field. The emotional body is experiencing daily stress and frustrations due to the demands of the job, which trickle down into the physical body resulting in muscle strain and discomfort. This is a perfect example of how our behaviors can promote physical ailments.

Reiki Treatment Description

A safe and loving environment is created for you, as you lie fully clothed on a massage table. I offer a blanket that can be removed if you experience body temperature changes during the session. I begin with a scan of your energy system. I place my hands several inches above your body, beginning with the top of your head, and slowly scan down to your toes. I am able to feel/see areas that have blockages.   I then proceed with the treatment. You will begin lying on your back as I am guided to gently place my hands on areas of the body. I will at no time, place my hands on any area considered to be private. I may have you turn over to treat the backside if you are comfortable lying on your stomach or we can adjust to a position on your side. The entire treatment lasts 50 minutes.  I will provide a hand out to you which explains the energy system I am working with but make no diagnosis.

Treatment length is one hour but plan on being together for about 1.5 hours

Treatment Fee $80

For an appointment, please contact me at:

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