Readings are no longer offered in person.  All sessions are offered via Zoom. I set up and send you the link to participate in the session. Remote sessions allow you the convenience of being held from the comfort of your home or office (and in some cases your car!) An audio recording will be available to you for download.
Distance and time don't inhibit the information that will come through for you. The result of the reading is no different than if we were in person.  I continue to accommodate all time zones. 
There is a variety of information that can come through in an individual reading. This information will be provided in 2 ways - through psychic and mediumship techniques. One method of information may be more prominent than the other so come with no expectations.  Please have an understanding that I do not control whom may come in through their body of Spirit.  There may be significant connection with Spirit or minimal.  DO NOT come expecting or asking for specific connections, nor come for that reason only.   I supply the vehicle but don’t do the driving.  Thanks for your understanding.
All appointments are made directly with the person coming for the session so please do not contact me to schedule for someone other than yourself. There are no exceptions. I suggest you purchase a gift certificate for them.  This will provide the opportunity for them to make direct contact with me for an appointment and make you happy for the suggestion of a reading!
Payment options:  Pre payment through Venmo, Paypal (carries a service fee), check or money order.  Payment is due no later than 2 days prior to the appointment. 
** Each person attending a reading will receive a detailed email that needs to be read and confirmed.  If you are scheduling for a couple or group, you will need to supply that contact information. 

Standard  Individual Reading

60 minutes $120     
I will share with you life guiding information that is received and we will process it together. I offer the 2nd part of the session for you to ask specific questions.   Please come with specific questions written out as it is very normal to forget such things at the time of the reading. Limited to 1x per year.

Standard Couple Reading

1 hour  $150   ($75 pp)         
Same format as the standard reading, however information will be shared between 2 people at the same time (spouses, family, partners, friends).  Limit to  1x per year. You can be in the same space or logged into the session from different locations.

Mini Group 3-4 People

You can be in the same space or logged into the session from different locations.

75-90  minutes $65  per person
Same format as private/in-person reading, however information will be shared between  all guests. (spouses, family, partners, friends).

Past Life

30 minutes $75           60 minutes  $120
This reading will bring forth information about previous lifetimes your Soul has experienced.  You will not be placed under hypnosis for this. I receive this information through light trance.

Spirit Guide

30 minutes  $75
This reading offers a Divine introduction to Spirit Guide(s) who will provide name, purpose and identity to you

Focus  Reading

30 minutes  $75      60 minutes  $120 Straight and to the point regarding a specific situation (s).  You create a list of questions written out in order of priority.  I use  psychic means to address them.  No mediumship in this format.  Limited to 1 hour per year. ( 2 half hour sessions or 1 one hour session)

One Hour Combo

60 minutes $120
This reading offers a 30 minute FOCUS reading (see above format) followed by a 30 minute past life reading.  Limited to 1x per year. 

To schedule a reading with Deb,  contact through email at

Gift Certificates Available.