Classes and Events

Certified Reiki Practitioner Training

Instructor: Deb McElroy,  Reiki Master Teacher since 2001.

Completion of each class will result in certification of that level. If you are unable to make a scheduled class, an alternate date or a private class may be arranged. Private classes are offered at no additional charge.  To register contact:

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Intuitive Development

Instructor: Deb McElroy  This is a 2-day weekend workshop with attendance both days required.

We all have intuitive capabilities but to what degree and how can we develop what we have to the best of our abilities? Joining this highly interactive workshop will teach you a variety of methods and tools that will help you to receive psychic information and assist you in fine tuning it. A few areas of study include symbol interpretation, pendulum use, psychometry, simple meditations, spirit realms, psychic ethics, etc.  You’ll even have the opportunity to give and receive a mini reading! This workshop is open to the curious and the serious with no pre-requisites. It’s a valuable starter class.  Please contact Deb at  to register.

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Reiki Shares

The shares will be returning February 2023 after a long hiatus!!  So many healers have taken the training but lack the community in which to practice. Covid created distance and separation shrinking opportunities even more.  Some of you feel you are not doing it "right" or lack confidence. I offer a loving and non judgemental place for you to shake off the Reiki cobwebs, get your healing mojo back if it's been missing or expand on the experiences you have been having.

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