Deb’s Story

I present this story from 2 perspectives. One from the left side of the brain- the logical, rational, male (Yang) point of view and then from the right side-the intuitive, creative, feminine (Ying) side. When I finished this story, it ended up being about 1,000 times longer that I had originally planned it would be, but you know what? That’s ok. Read it if you’d like, but make sure you have a few minutes………..

Left Brain Perspective:

Name: My birth name is Debra but please, call me Deb.
Birth date and place: 8/25/60 Vermont

Certifications: Usui Reiki Practitioner 1999, Usui Reiki Teacher 2000, Japanese Reiki Techniques 2002, The Reconnection/Reconnective Healing 2003,  Theta Healing/DNA Activations 2004, Quantum Touch 2006,  Healers Reiki 2009.

Non certifications:  Psychic, medium, seer.  By the way, I despise labels when it comes to this.

These are abilities that occurred and developed through something opening up in me; no teachers, no advisors. Divine helpers and experience, that's it.  I adhere to no groups or organizations that place requirements in order to refer to myself as "certified" in any of these. Word of mouth has brought me clients for 20 years.  Nuff said on that subject.

My job: See right brain.

Right Brain Perspective:

My intention is not to bore you but to attempt to share with you what I am. If someone were to tell me 10 years ago what my life would be like now, I would have told them to quit the hallucinogenics.

As a kid, life was good. Uneventful, you might even say boring. Moved down from Quebec at age 5. Skimmed through school staying mostly in the shadows, graduated in 1978 and did a few years of continuing education. (yawn)


Gave birth to my first born child, a daughter, and did the “right” thing by getting a good job in the city. I also learned a lot about life by doing some really dumb things. I was being Who I Wasn’t in preparation for becoming Who I Am, but didn’t know that at the time.


Got married and had another daughter and son. My 3 children made my life complete.


One day in January, my life fell apart. I won’t give details. I’ll be honest here. On that day, I thought I had no Soul because it just checked out. Gone with the wind. Total emptiness. And God? Right. The God I knew (or thought so) abandoned me for sure. On the evening of that day, I was alone in my home and on my knees, screamed and cried and swore at Him for doing this to me.

The English language is very limiting when it comes to describing feelings of Divine intervention. I have found it impossible to adequately describe what it felt like to have God enter my living room that night. We each view God in our own way and all I can tell you is this:

The presence the surrounded and infiltrated every single piece and part of me, filling me with the purest feeling of Love that you can possibly imagine, was to me, God, as I know Him/Her.

You can call me nuts (I’m used to that) but I know what happened and will never, ever forget what it felt like to have with me, the greatest force in the Universe, in my little living room in Vernon, CT.

If that doesn’t change a person, I can’t imagine what would.

After that event, life didn’t get all-better right away. But I did, at least I was headed towards that. I had an increased interest in things that the eyes could not see and the brain would not logically comprehend. (Some would say that God falls into that description.)

You see, since my Divine intervention, I changed. I started to become what some term as selfish. I no longer thought I was just a mother and wife; there was a ME too. The Universe started directing me towards some very cool things. Brochures started to come to me in the most interesting of ways offering mind-opening workshops that I quickly registered for. People started showing up in my life that shared my beliefs and views on the metaphysical world. Oh, by the way, I feel metaphysics to be the study of what the eyes cannot see and the logical mind cannot comprehend.

I was truly going through some kind of transformation on a personal and spiritual level at the same time my husband was overcoming his own battle. Would it be possible that we should both become something different at the same time? I have found that all things are possible. Like this “coincidence”: Wayne is in Vermont, I am here at home and on the same weekend we are both turned onto a particular book that neither of us had mentioned to each other; Conversations with God. Same book, same day, same reaction. A coincidence? You do the math. This book series is about conversations that a man had with the God of his knowing. We all can have these conversations you know. Are you open to them?  That was the first huge step into becoming What I Am.

Then one day in 1999, a flyer passes my way about some type of energy healing called Reiki. Hmmm. Alternative health care. I like that. I had been in the health field for quite a long time but was never drawn to conventional methods so I had jobs where I had patient contact but not direct patient care. I had a 10-minute Reiki treatment during the presentation that caused the 2nd huge step to becoming What I Am. What I felt during that mini treatment was incredible. There had to be something to this thing that caused tears to flow and surges of electricity to flow through my body! I felt like I could fly after that treatment. Again, if you had told me 10 years ago that I would be giving healing treatments to people by transferring a divinely guided healing energy through my hands, I would have once again said, quit the hallucinogenics my friend. The results I have seen in myself and others that receive Reiki are all the proof I need thank you very much. No one can tell me this does not work. IT DOES. I have been a practitioner of Reiki since 1999 and teaching since 2001, which has enabled many to re-discover a path that has been waiting for them. The love I feel in empowering others to bring health to their body, mind and spirit through Reiki is incredible. I put a name to my business and called it Woodfaeries. How I got to that name is an entirely different story……………………

More incredible changes occurred as my spiritual path and healing abilities expanded. My intuition became quite accurate and I started to feel and see things while giving Reiki treatments. This is not abnormal to develop and most energy workers do to varying degrees. But let me tell you, I had no idea what was headed my way until one day when I was giving a Reiki treatment to a client in May of 2000…… out of the blue, a man appeared next to me in Spirit form, clear as day. I heard him; I saw him and most importantly, felt his feelings towards my client. To make a long story short, the client confirmed the identity of this man in Spirit and verified what he said as accurate. That was my first!

I would like you to understand that this was not a “ghost”. This was communication with the Spirit body of a human being who had passed over into the place that we go to upon leaving the body. It’s called many different things to many people. I will simply refer to it as Spirit dimension but that does it no justice. It’s much, much more than that.

After that experience, each time I gave a Reiki treatment, they would appear, more than one at a time too. What was I to do with this???? C’mon. We are talking about a 39-year-old woman (me) who can all of the sudden one day see/hear/feel dead people. One would not call this an every day occurrence.

Seems I had some thinking to do on this one. Now why would this ability come to me if I weren’t to do something with it? Well, it wouldn’t. Thing is, I didn’t want to become a “reader”. I am a healer and how did this bring healing to anyone? That was answered after many months of selectively sharing these Spirit communications with clients and seeing the closure and enlightenment it was bringing.

Fast forward

Since I received this ability, I have learned so much. I have cried with parents who have been reunited with their children who passed before them. I have laughed with people who receive messages from their loved ones like “go clean your car, it smells”. I have seen die-hard skeptics’ mouths drop as they received indisputable proof that there is life after death. I have also witnessed the healing from those who have received reassurance from someone they loved that took their own life but are safe and in the process of healing on the other side. I could go on and on.

To say I am humbled by this work does not begin to express my feelings. I thank God before and after each experience with each person and family that I work with.

June 2002

I quit my “day job”. I wanted to see if I could develop Woodfaeries into a full time living. It’s called Faith and after the visit in my living room all those years ago, believe me. I have it.

Present Day

I never thought I would be able to say that I have maintained a full time holistic business.  I can reflect on the endless experiences that I have had teaching, training, listening, healing, advising, counseling, cussing, crying, laughing..the list goes on.

I have come to understandings that allow me to sort of comprehend the whys and how’s of life. I have been blessed with watching students grow and develop into the loving healers that they naturally are.

I "see" 2 different dimensions join for exchanges of love that would bring the coldest of people to tears. I have parents who continue to love me just the way I am. I have siblings that I know love their “flaky sister”. I have kids who accept that I am not and never will be a stereo typical Mom and they find that kind of cool. I have grandchildren who understand that their Memere walks to the beat of a different drummer.

Thank you for taking the time to read this story. Life is like a tapestry, which leads me to this closing thought:

It’s only when you step back from the tapestry,
do you see the perfection in its design.